Friday, Sep 2023

ARTIS FILM ROMANIA Ltd. is a film production company located in Bucharest.

We produced features, documentaries and shorts. Some of them where in faimous festivals

We started as a small company in 1999, but we have been steadily growing due to our creative potential and our great devotion to world cinema.

Our company employs a number of people on a full-time basis, as well as freelance professionals on a contract basis for each new project.

We have professional pre-production and production crews, all the technicians and equipment you need for doing a movie in Romania, as well as state-of-the-art post production facilities.

Romania encompasses an incredible range of locations, including: the snow-capped Carpathian Mountains just a two-hour drive from Bucharest; the Danube River, revered as one of the most beautiful in the world; northern Moldavia -- a four-hour drive from Bucharest -- home to medieval monasteries famous for their frescoes of remarkable composition and color; and modern and classic European-style cities with their picturesque mixture of old churches, museums, thseatres and concert halls, modern office buildings, luxury hotels, exquisite restaurants, and service facilities.

Our company will respond to your filmmaking needs with the highest standards of  quality and professionalism.

Cornelia PALOS

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