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2006 / 104min / Romania

End of summer. One hot afternoon, in a neuropsychiatry hospital's yard the patients are going about their unusual behaviours. They have no idea that in the council room, in a tensed atmosphere, the doctors are yelling “like in a madhouse” trying to find solutions to a last minute problem: a notice from the Health Department came saying that their budget is to be cut off dramatically.

The solution at hand for the doctors is to give early releases to the less severe cases: neuroses and maniacal depressions.

Mona, a 36 year old depressed divorcee with suicidal tendencies and Cathy, a 30 year old neurotic are about to be released.
Normally, this news would make anyone happy except the two women. They have nowhere to go. After a chain of events that led them into unexpected situations, Cathy and Mona end up in the Danube Delta, surrounded by a wild environment and wild people who have a low tolerance for things they don't comprehend and cannot grasp such as mental disabilities or 'abnormality'.

Thei r arrival triggers weird reactions on behalf of the villagers because they have big plans: to sell the village to a very rich man who own a football team and a political party who wants to turn the place into a luxurious resort.

In the end, the villagers set fire to their roof and the house. Looking at the burning house, the heroines discover that it had all been an illusion: the fear of death, the perfect love, and that they are now strong enough to break free from the things that had made them ill.

In a stolen tractor, in the middle of a dark night, the two women are heading into the unknown leaving behind them the crowd of villagers gathered around the burning house.

Cathy (holding the steering wheel): I have no idea how to drive.
Mona (after a while): We can’t know everything!
Festivals :
2006 - Mannheim-Heildelberg IFF
2006 - Cairo IFF
2006 - Varsovia /Warsaw IFF, Nominated “Central and Eastern Europe Award”
2007 - Wurtzburg IFF
2007 - Bradford IFF
2007 - Regensburg IFF
2008 - Munich IFF
- Director : Adrian Popovici
- Script : Mara Nicolescu
- Editing : Mihail Sarbusca
- Producer : Adrian Popovici, Cornelia Palos
- Music : Vlady Cnejevici
Cast :  
Cathy...Mara Nicolescu
Mona...Gabriela Butuc
Pigweed...Ovidiu Niculescu
Policeman Ion...Marius Chivu
Marin...Valentin Popescu
Pansy...Nicodim Ungureanu
Viorica...Antoaneta Zaharia
Fredy... Marius Bodochi
Melania...Magda Catone
Priest...Alin Panc
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