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2012 / 105min / Romania

Pavalas is sitting on the grass in a park and writing in a notebook.…“One missing mother… blue eyes…”. She left and didn’t come back. He meets Alina. He is asking her too …”Did you see her?”
Alina and her husband Peter, lost their son in a car accident. They came in Moldavia, where Alina was born, trying to adopt a child. Pavalas remind her of his son. Same age…

Irina fled from Italy and came back to find her child. She meets her friend, Tatiana and they went find Pavalas in Transnistria (part of Moldavia where the 14 Army is settled). The two women go through many mishaps….

Unfortunately Bruno, the pimp, finds Irina. He have to teach that “whore” a lesson. He believes of himself that he is too nice… after all, he doesn’t beat them like other pimps do. He gave Irina 3 days in order to sell the child and give him back the money that he invested in her. He is threaten her: “The money or the boy”. He has good connection on the children market, too.
Irina is terrified. She is trying to fight him in any way she can and to find a solution for Pavalas.

But the tragedy happened. Irina dies in his son arms. She had only 7 days to repair everything and to prove to her son that her love for him will never die. She didn’t want to leave him … she was forced to. But now it’s too late for them.

Are they All, GODS CHILDREN ?
The story is only fiction or is the reality of our days?

Festivals :
2013 - London Portobello
2013 - Bogota IFF
2013 - "Moldavia’s submission for Best Foreign Film – Oscar 2013
2013 – Nomination for “Best Human Rights Film” , from Political Film Society (USA)
2014 - Chichester IFF
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Director: Adrian Popovici
Screenplay: Valeriu Turcanu, Pascal Ilie Virgil
Producers: Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici, Veaceslav Cebotari
Executive producers : Cornelia Palos, David Ginsberg, Alexandru Cebotari
Director of photography : Veaceslav Cebotari
Art Director & Costume Designer : Eugen Reabenchi
Editor : Veaceslav Cebotari, Adrian Popovici
Music: Vladimir Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Cast :  
Peter .... Michael Ironside
Alina .... Alina Turcanu
Irina .... Ina Surdu
Tatiana .... Rodica Oanta
Bruno .... Paolo Seganti
Pavalas .... Emergian Cazac
Feghea .... Anatol Durbala
School Director .... Mihaela Strambeanu
Gicu .... Ion Beregoi
Bartender .... Jhony Alici
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