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2004 / 105 min / Romania

The movie is a beautiful love story between a young border patrol officer and a gorgeous gipsy woman. He is the son of a general and she is the daughter of a local gipsy king.

The relationship between the two is compromised not only by the racial prejudices but by the network of international human traffickers in which the young man is caught, while Azucena becomes the sex slave of the heartless brutes. Does their love stand a chance?

Will they manage to get out of inhumane pit of sex traders and traffickers they have fallen into? Can a beautiful and pure feeling survive into such a cruel world? Are they strong enough to free themselves?

Festivals :
Crew :
Director: Mircea Muresan
Writer: Mircea Muresan
Produced by: Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici....
Cinematography by: Mihail Sarbusca
Film Editing by: Alfredo Mihaicut, Melania Oproiu
Cast :  

Alin Panc ... Matei
Olimpia Olari... Azucena
Nicoleta Luciu... Indira
Diana Munteanu... Pusa
Cristian Motiu... Petre
Andreea Doinea... Liusia
Florian Ghimpu... Sgt. Cornel

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