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2014 / 110min / Romania

3 stories, 3 characters in 3 periods of time are building the plot of “Brancusi from Eternity ".Each character speaks in its own way, about talent and works of one of the greatest artists.

The main story is about Brancusi 's mature period , both physically and creatively. It is the period following his arrival in Paris , during his friendship with Modigliani and its relationship with Martha , one of his models , perhaps his favorite one . Despite his numerous betrayals, Martha remains faithful to him, until her death.

The second story is about Marin Etu, a student of Fine Arts in Bucharest , during the establishment of the communist regime . Due to criticism of some of the Romanian Academy members who refused the legacy Brancusi wanted to leave to Romanian state, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison .

After being released, security (communist Securitate) forces him to forgo many of the works of Brancusi.The third story has in its center Milarepa , a great scholar who lived in the XII century, in Tibet. Milarepa is often evoked by Brancusi who is a great admirer of him , and by Marin Etu too . During detention due to a cellmate, Marin Etu get to know more about the life of Milarepa. Milarepa is the link between sculptor Brancusi and forger Marin Etu, a link between their destinies.

" Brancusi of Eternity " is a film about the search for truth and perfection in art, but also about disappointments caused by failures . It is, however, a movie about Milarepa, who influences Brancusi and Marin Etu lives until the moment of their transition in solitude …

Festivals :
2010 - Ohio Independent Pictures- finalist Best Screenplay
2010 - Gloden Brad Awards – finalist in Movie Script Contest
2010 - Moondance Film Fsetival – Atlantis Award for Best Feature Screenplay
2014 - Golden Globes Awards Competition
2015 - BAFTA Awards Competition
2016 – Southampton Intl Film Festival - Nominated for  "Directing", "Leading Actor", "Production Design", "Costume Design"
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Directed by : Adrian Popovici
Screenplay : Radu Aneste Petrescu, Ioan Carmazan
Screenplay: Pascal Ilie Virgil
Produced by : Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici
Executive producer: Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici
Dop : Cristian Gugu
Production designer : Stefan Antonescu
Editing : Marian Ene
Music : Vladi Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Makeup and hairstyle : Cristina Ilie
Sound : Mirel Cristea, Florin Stoica
Music :  

Compozitori – Vladi Cnejevici Adrian Popovici
Interpret - Leo Iorga, Anda Vaciu

Chansonnette :
Compozitori – Vladi Cnejevici Adrian Popovici
Keyboard - Vladi Cnejevici

Gymnopedie No. 1- Erik Satie :
Piano - Milena Cnejevici

Grossiennes - Erik Satie :
Piano - Cristine Popovici

Trei Focuri arde pe lume – Electrecord :
Voce - Maria Tanase

La maladiction d’amour – Electrecord:
Voce - Maria Tanase

Lacrimosa – W.A.Mozart :
Orchestra Filarmonicii „Banatul”
Dirijor - Nicolae Boboc
Corul Filarmonicii „Banatul”
Dirijor Ion Romanu şi Mircea Hoinic

Simfonia III Fmaj -Poco allegretto- J. Brahms:
Orchestra Filarmonicii din Cluj Napoca”
Dirijor - Emil Simon

Arabesca Op.18 – Robert Schumann:
Pian – Luca Rusu

Dunarea Albastra – J. Strauss:
Orchestra Electrecord
Dir. şi orchestraţii - A.Imre

Concertul nr. 4 F minor – „Iarna”- A. Vivaldi:
Orchestra Filarmonicii din Cluj
Dirijor - Mircea Cristescu
Vioara - Stefan Ruta

Rampart Street Parade - Mars traditional :
Orchestra Electrecord
Dir. şi orchestraţii - A. Imre

Battle of the Blues – traditional:
Orchestra Electrecord
Dir. şi orchestraţii - A. Imre
Luca Rusu..... Jeannot as child
Alexandru Isfan..... Jeannot young
Ioan Andrei Ionescu..... Constantin Brancusi
Iulia Verdes..... Martha
Alexandru Potocean..... Marin Etu
Claudiu Bleont..... Milarepa
Vlad Radescu..... Secretar de partid
Andra Negulescu..... Elaine
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