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2015 / 97 min / România

The film tells the story of a child, 12 years, the child of a farmer who is taken and passed clandestinely across the border after his father has promised him a better life. Upon arrival in a big house on the shattered outskirts, he quickly discovers that he was sold as a slave to a manufactured clandestine factory which produced fireworks and which actually is a prison for all the 20 children who were deceived and brought to work there.

At first, the child integrates working with other children, learning to be humble and keeping his eyes down knowing the rigors of a grueling schedule of 18 hours of work per day. The program is required under threats and psychological terror for all children by their captors. He believes and hopes that if he will work hard and meet his time he will be left to leave. …

It is a film about child traffic and their illegal work.
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Screenplay : Pascal Ilie Virgil
Produced by : Cornelia Palos , Adrian Popovici
Co-producer : David Ginsberg
Executive producer: Cornelia Palos
Director of photography : Mihai Sărbușcă
Production designer : Elena Porumbescu
Costumes : Ana Lazăr
MakeUp : Tatiana Oniscenco
Editing : Constantin Mădălin Cristescu
Sound : Mirel Cristea, Florian Stoica
Music : Vladi Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Cast :
Andrei - Constantin Țurcan
Cristina..... Olesea Svecla
Drug dealer..... Arcadie Strungaru
Purice..... Anatolie Durbala
Ana..... Felicia Jenunchi
Vames..... Ghenadi Condurachi
First Soldier..... Malai Roman
2nd Soldier..... Boris Lungu
Carioca..... Ghenadi Galca
Ionica..... Olga Anghelici
Maricica..... Ana-Stasia Butucel
Cook..... Mihaela Strambeanu
First child..... Liviu Rotaru
2nd child..... Ion Secara
3rd child..... Alex Rotaru
First girl..... Alexandra Branza
2nd girl..... Biatricia Alexandru
Chinese guy..... Shen Jingiang
Chinese driver..... Shen Zhuojun
Polkovnicul..... Emil Gaju
Homeless..... Victor Drumi
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