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2011/105min /România

Coming from a family experiencing major difficulties, his father died shortly after an accident and his mother became an alcoholic due to this situation, Alex is forced to move in another educational institution as his envious teacher came to be director in his father’s place says it’s good results are due to family relations.
Aikido coach and old family friend, Sensei Michael advises him to move where he teaches literature.

An action film that speaks about love and friendship but also takes a look and discloses the dangerous part of drug trafficking and consumption.
Festivals :
2012 - DetectiveFest – Moscova, Nominated “Best Film”
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Crew :  
Director: Adrian Popovici
Screenplay: George Şovu, Adrian Popovici, Pascal Ilie Virgil
Image: Mihail Sârbuşca
Music: Vladi Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici, Kristine Popovici
Produced by : Cornelia Paloş
Cast :  
Ioana Blaj – Iulia
Cristian Popa – Alex
Alexandru Potocean – Radu
Claudiu Bleonţ – Mihai
Andi Vasluianu – Gore
CrinaSemciuc – Andreea
Diana Dumbravă – Cristina
Lavinia Şandru – Diriginta
Vlad Rădescu – tatăl Iuliei
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