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'I hope' is a short but nevertheless important movie about the significance of life, starring Romania's famed and Hollywood actor Marcel Iures (who was seen in 'Hart's War'- starring with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell; or 'The peacemaker' starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney). The movie claims to be more ambitious as it intends to tackle such an important task in only 15 minutes. Only when you lost everything - your life starts to make sense.

 The last 18 seconds in the life of a man who is killed in a tragic car crash. Eighteen seconds of reflection upon the meaning of a 'little thing called' life, when this life is not only sex, chocolate and doing things you love, but is still worth being lived. The dramatic fantasy of a man who thought he lost everything, and who had to fall and lose it all. A story with a twist that keeps you on at the edge of your seat.

I Hope... (2001)

Directed by: Marcello Daciano  (as Mihai Mihalache)
Writing credits: Marcello Daciano  (as Mihai Mihalache)
Produced by: Marcello Daciano (as Mihai Mihalache), Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici, Dorina Pricop
Original Music by: Vangelis 

Cinematography by: Mircea Tudor    
Film Editing by: Marcello Daciano  (as Mihai Mihalache), Alfredo Mihaicut    

Marcel Iures ...  Will
Carmen Ungureanu ...  Anna
Ina Andriuca ...  Angel of Death
Raluca Badea ...  Victoria
Nin Yoana ...  The Ghost of Mist
Alexandra Pantea ...  A Ghost


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