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For five centuries Vlad Dracula has roamed the earth haunted by his tragic past, driven by fateful compasion for humanity. Betrayed by the vampire who cursed him with immortality, and denounced by a Church he nobly served, he is now devoted to a solitary quest: the hunt for vampires.

In present-day New York a derelict Gothic church has been converted to a sinister nightclub that camouflages the activities of a nest of true vampires.

One night a mysterious stranger enters the club and slaughters six consumers, beheading them with his sword, impaling them with stakes. The killer is Vlad Dracula. The owner of the club is Vambery, the diabolical vampire who created and betrayed him, the vampire Vlad believed he destroyed five hundred years ago.

Vlad throws himself into a series of supernatural battles against Vambery and his clan.

Homicide detective Brock enlists the aid of Elizabeth Dawson to help him understand the killer who calls himself Vlad Dracula – Tepes – The Impaler.

Vlad sees Elizabeth – the mirror image of Elisabeta , his true love of his 15 th Century life…….

But can he win the Elizabeth’s trust in time when the whole world thinks he’s a madman? And will he find his way into the vampires’ shelter before history tragically repeats itself, and Vambery lays claim to Elizabeth’s soul? A story about vampires, love and redemption.

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Directed by: Adrian Popovici
Writing credits: Ioan Carmazan, Nicu Covaci, Ted Nicolaou, Radu Petrescu-Aneste
Cinematography by: Marian Stanciu
Produced by: Cornelia Palos, Adrian Popovici
Music: Vlady Cnejevici, Nicu Covaci
Film Editing by: Nita Chivulescu, Alfredo Mihaicut, Adrian Popovici
Marius Bodochi...Vlad
Andra Negulescu...Elisabeth Dawson
Adrian Pintea... Vambery
Gabi Andronache...Hagen
Marcel Iures...Vlad (voice)
Lamia Beligan, Vlad Radescu, Mihaela Radescu
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